Friday, July 12, 2019

Just Life

I think it might be time to post again! I haven’t been blogging for a while... it’s really sad I know but I just haven’t gotten the time. Haha well I will have to keep this post shorter than I hoped because I know otherwise I won’t get it done.

Alright soo here’s a few random things that have been happening in the past days..

working with my horses pretty consistently🐴🐴❤️❤️

Chorus (my 4 year old) ❤️

Willow (my 3 year old) 

 Helping my bro with Tundra, his 2 year old 

I got a new puppy!! Her name is Asilah, (uh-sigh-la) she’s 5 months old and she’s a border collie/ red heeler. I love her a lot! She always comes on adventures with me, and she has the funniest way of drying her belly off.😂 We all really like her! 

                                                      Riding with my friend ❤️

A mini taco😆

Apples from our tree!! I know it doesn’t sound super exciting to you, but it really is for us bc that tree has been through a lot! I big sliding barn door fell on it and squashed it to the ground, and then someone drove over it🤦🏼‍♀️😂 

A chocolate mountain cake I made kinda for my sisters bday😝

No idea what this horse is doing. I was just trying to take a good pic of the gorgeous clouds and green
grass and cattle, and when I looked at the photo later I noticed her photobombation😂

I found a cactus in our pasture. It’s so cuteeee! I had no idea ND had cactuses! Haha.

 Going to the lake.. I don’t think we were ready to take the  picture😂 

A 25 mile ride with my cousin...

Chocolate mint popsicles! 

Picking flowers while fencing... 

I was filling the sprayer for dad and this foam stuff started coming out the top😂 I felt really tempted  to touch it but yeah never do that or you’ll get poisoned. Haha 

Crockpot banana bread! I wanted to try it cuz our oven wasn’t working, and now I think we’ll always make it this way, it was really super much better than normal banana bread.😍

Homeade  chocolate icecream with peanut butter sauce and walnuts🥰 

Chasing the stubborn milk cow out of the water

Th 4 of July was super fun!! We went into town with our cousins and watched the fireworks. It’s a tradition. We always bring snacks and blankets and sit on the roof on the car.

Potatoes wedges meat balls with gravy🥰. If you ever want to bless me just give me meat balls and gravy.  It’s not very a festive meal, but it was really good. 

A convertible ride home 

 Strawberries with cream cheese coconut vanilla frosting and blueberries😍😍 

Chocolate peanut butter crepes with whipped cream for breakfast

Juneberries bushes!! When I was taking the pic a butterfly landed right there!😂

Well I think that’s all for this post. Good job for reading all the way to the end!! 

1 John 4:8

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

See ya later!!   -lexah 

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Photo Shoot🌺🌱🌷🍃

The other day I did a photo shoot with my friend around the farm. I thought it might be good blog material since I haven’t posted for a while. Have fun!!😂😂🤣

Just Life

I think it might be time to post again! I haven’t been blogging for a while... it’s really sad I know but I just haven’t gotten the time....