Monday, November 5, 2018


I really haven't been posting much lately... so I'll try to make up for it in this post.

on Friday we got the cows in and gave 'em shots and pour-on. I didn't get any pictures :( :( :( :(
I ran the headgate and endgate of the chute.(so that means I opened the tailgate for a calf or cow, and when they'd come in I'd shut it real fast so another one wouldn't come in and squash it. then after it got pour-on and (if it were a calf) a shot i'd let it out. Dad did the shots and Landon did the pour-on and we had a friend get them in from the corral behind the barn. he kept growling a the cows to scare them, it was the funniest thing.  we got all of them done that SAME day before the snow came. their was still some stragglers so we went riding to get them. the horses were really frisky because it was windy and cold. that made it more of an adventure though.

also Lawson had his eighth birthday not long ago. my cousin and I made him a chocolate cake (it was really good, but we didn't have powdered sugar for the frosting so it wasn't the right texture because I just blended crystal sugar in the Magic Bullet. haha...) and mom and him filled a pinyata with toys and candy. the only thing that day lacked was balloons. haha we had some we just forgot.

these two are just the cutest pair :)

law and I went riding before the snow. it was sooo much fun. we set up jumps in the arena and Nala (Lawson's palomino that  I'm training for him) just loved it. she's got such smooth gaits I love it. just perfect for a little rider like Lawson. then I asked him if he wanted to go check on the cows in the pasture and he said, "well, whatever you decide determines what we'll do." lol!

I've also been woodburning. and knitting presents for people. (Because if I make Christmas presents now, they won't suspect anything. ;) )


Larissa made this dirty chai for me. it was SOO. good.

I love my watch. :) and my married (and now pregnant!!! yay I'm so excited!!!Guys, I finally get to be an aunt! I guess its gonna be a boy. but I'm not sure. the only sad thing is that they live 9 hours away AND in a different country) sister brought that cowrie shell home from her recent mission trip and made it into a bracelet for me. <3


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Wood Burned Art

Hi!! I'm back to wood burning again!! I just added a new CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN PAGE today!you can check out my new stuff at The Wood-Burners Corner

here's a little sample:

~lexah rae

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


This morning it snowed big, fluffy white flakes! I'm sorta surprised 😳
 I wanted to horse around more before it got slippery. Oh well. At least we have a cozy barn. In the winter I don't train my horse as much as I sit on her or brush her out, and I feel like we bond a lot more. So I think this winter will be pretty fun even if I won't  be riding and roping and galloping.

Here is a picture


Saturday, October 6, 2018

Hello October Tag

The Rules
>Please copy these questions (at the bottom of the post), answer them, and then write out new questions (or just copy these) for the people you nominate below your answered questions.
> Please nominate at least 3 bloggers, but try to avoid ones that you know have already been nominated.
>Last, include these guidelines in your post, and use the tag 

Alice's questions for me:

Favorite Fall activity? That ones easy. Making Lefse for Thanksgiving!!! Sweater or Hoodie? Hoodie. For sure. They seem so much more cozy. Who cares if their hair gets messed up???

Hot Cocoa or Pumpkin spice coffee? Oooohhhh. Pumpkin spice. Alll the way😋
Favorite Fall color? Ummm, I like all of the different leaf colors put together the best, but If I had to single out just one, it would probably be orange. Because that would look the best by itself.
Rather waKe up early for the sunrise, or stay up for the stars? 

Wake up early.For two reasons.1: because sunrises are prettier, and 2: I get 

really tired when I try to stay up late.

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving or Christmas the most 
right now? thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday!!

What is one of your favorite Fall traditions? Same as the first question. I love lefse!!!😋😋😋 Thanks again for tagging me Alice!! You had some really good questions!!

Here are my questions for you:

Would you like a windy or rainy autumn better? 
Pumpkin spice, coffee or chai latte?

Stay inside with a warm cozy drink on your sofa, of go outside on an adventure and 
freeze half to death?

Would you rather be the one up in the tree shaking down the leaves, or the one raking 

them up?

 What is the craziest thing that you remember doing in autumn?

Favorite color of autumn  leaf?

                                           I tag:




                              And  Rachel

Monday, October 1, 2018


Right now your reading my fiftieth post. YAY!! Well, actually that's not very many posts considering ho long I've had this blog...😬😬😬

It's officially been autumn for a little while now. I definitely don't like the weather, or the terrible horrible thing called weaning season that happens to all the calves. Some even sit and try to die cause they're so depressed. And there's mooing 24/7 for a few days.

But other than that, I like riding in the wind and cold bareback. Yeah, it's freezing, but I love the adventure of it. And the thought of a chai latte when I get in is enough to make me do anything.

I also like thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday of all time. Why?  I have two reasons. The FOOD, and all the heroic stories of the men who trusted God to make America free.

And I also like:

☕️ Chai lattes☕️😋😋 (and coffee, too)

Furry socks


My knitting basket

My favorite yellow sweater 

Fuzzy blankets 

Friday, September 28, 2018

Chorus' 5th Ride

Yesterday I rode Chorus on a ride for the first time!! I've sat on her the yard bareback while she's eating, and also ive been riding her in the arena and teaching her what different signals are and stuff, but yesterday my cousin helped me get the last buck out of her and finish teaching her how to flex. and then I  decided  to take her out for a ride. She did sooo good! when I cantered she didn't even buck and she was so calm the WHOLE time yet she wasn't lazy. its such a good feeling having pure success at your fingertips.

Here are a few pictures:



Monday, August 6, 2018


hey guys! I would have posted more this past month, but WOW. we've sure  been real busy. let me see what all we did...

turned our alfalfa field into square bales (and got way stronger and now our arms are allll scared up from lifting them....)

cut and baled hay

did lottttts of silage bales with our in-line wrapper

I worked with Chorus and made quite a bit of progress (now I'm starting to ride her and I'm soooo exited!!!)

I did all of the turning the bulls out, moving the cows, checking the bulls, fixing the fence, etc. ( cause dad was in the hay field) now my horse needs a 3 month break

our cousins came from ohio came for 4 days ( I have no idea how we found time to spend time with them.....)

130 of our heifers got mixed up with my great uncles cows cause the bulls were fighting on both sides of the fence and knocked down the 2 top wires, so my cousin Promise and me had to sort the cows and fix the fence. and we couldn't find one of our bulls and the cows pushed the gate down after we had half of them sorted (idk WHY) and when we found our  bull he was lame. so yeah.... there were a lot of difficulties but that's kinda a story of its own... you can ask me about it some time. it turned out to be really fun after we got over the stress of it....

i'm planning on getting a little 6 month old filly this fall to train and sell so that will be real fun

went to like 3 graduations (I loved all the FOOD ;D) the games were fun too

Larissa babysitted two little boys under 20 months pretty much every day. I helped her when I could so that was fun

we just got back from a wedding in south Dakota. it was a lot of fun swimming in the pool with our friends

just now I was cutting our oats field but then dad told me to stop because it was gonna rain but now its not so I have to go back out

I wish I had pictures of all of it to post on here but I haven't had any time :(

~Lexah Rae


I really haven't been posting much lately... so I'll try to make up for it in this post. on Friday we got the cows in and gave ...