Ranch Animals (Part 6)

Last week I forgot to put the turkeys in the post about the chickens. So I guess these lucky ducks (get it?) will have their very own post. (Uh, besides the bunny.)
Last post I also posted it a day early! Boy, I sure musta been frazzled that day.

I remember when Dad decided that we should try turkey meat. I was probably about six er seven. About ten of then lived out of twenty. We had some black ones, three red ones, a lot of grays, and a white. We always have too much for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
The Toms (Male turkeys) were always SO mean. no matter how hard I would beat the snot outta them they would never learn lesson. We've even knocked 'em clean out. Later they come back plotting revenge. Sometimes I'll get my my pony and barrel at 'em full speed. they normally swerve into some trees. that sure does make me madder than a hornet.

It was always fun to see the mamas come into the yard with a dozen or two babies at her side. Dad found in the News Paper that red t…

Ranch Animals (Part 5)

Folks, I'm really dreading saying this. *Inhales deeply....* I reckon I'll have ta slow down to posting somethin' once a week. Or a LEAST fer the summer. *...... And blows out breath*

 This weeks post is 'bout the chickens. See that thing in the picture below? We call them "chicken tractors". Every year we git a hundred butcher chicks, raise 'em up in the summer and butcher them in the fall. We keep 'bout twenty-five in each tractor.

The layin' hens are my job. Ever since I was five years old (stories get stretched....) they've been my job. We used ta have a fence 'round our garden, but fer some reason that I don't remember we took it down.

Mama didn't like my hens scratching up her cucumbers so we ha to put them In a tractor just like the other chickens.

This is my prize Banty rooster, Oliver. He's two thirds the size o' the laying hens! Boy, he sure do think he's he's somethin', strutin' around the lawn. …

Busy, Busy, Busy

Alright, folks. So sorry there won't be another ranch animals post for I don't know how long. On Saturday was my sisters graduation and I meant to do a post about it but life got to busy. Yesterday and today I've been riding hard and fast getting all our cows and calves in to work them. First they get a shot and then an ear tag. If its a bull calf then he gets a band too. It's something we do every year.

That's a lot of ol' cows to chase in, guys!

(All of our cattle in total is a lot.)


Ranch Animals (Part 4)

We have a problem with orange cats. Orange colored felines used to be rare to us kids, but something changed. Now, a couple years later 95% of them are ORANGE. I'm sick and tired of the color.

Four legged fur balls come and go like livestock at a sale here at our ranch. Their purpose is to eat mice, and not cat food that costs money.

It's always fun to go on a search for a new litter of kittens.
Then we tame 'em, and they grow up and get all ugly and not cute.

One time Landon and I stole a mouse from a cat, and we were gonna make it our pet and feed in peanut butter and cheese. But as we were carrying it back to the house Landon dropped it, and while we were looking for it he stepped on it. We tried doing CPR even though we didn't really know how. It died shortly after the failed atempt to revive its  poor, sad little life. We laid it by a cat and slowly walked home in distress for the poor creature.
That was a sad day, but we had chocolate icecream and it made every…

Ranch Animals (Part 3)

We have one ranch dog. Her name is Lady.
She's part German shepherd and part... Oooh, I can't remember the other name of the breed.  She was a good dog, but now she's getting REALLY old. She'll probably die one of these days and we will get a new one. We've had her for eight or nine years. Do any of you know how long a dog will live? Please comment and tell me.:)
Lady has had a limping back leg for the past three or four months, and she barley runs any more.

I'm sure gonna miss her though. She would break up cat fights, chase off raccoons, skunks and coyotes, and make sure the cats never got the bunny.

Sorry this post was way shorter than my other ones, guys.

-Cowgirl...... You know my name. :D

Ranch Animals (Part 2)

I'm so sorry everyone! I didn't post anything on Saturday. We were so busy that day, and I didn't have time to post anything. On Monday Dad chopped the Internet cord with the Pay-loader. (on accident.) And the RTC guys didn't make it here 'till yesterday.

Another important animal on our ranch are the HORSES. Quarter Horses are my favorite breed. And I bet you already know this but they're my favorite animal. Between English an Western I'd for sure chose Western riding. Ah, and give me a cow to to chase. 

This is Wrangler in the picture below. I got him when I was five and he was just weaned. He's a registered quarter horse blue roan gelding. And his nickname is "Blue." But then, after a couple years dad decided it wasn't working out. He knew that for me training is the funnest part, and I was too little. (Six or seven). He used to be palomino as a colt, but he roaned out and turned  into a huge, fast cow horse that bucks. When I turned nin…

Ranch Animals (Part 1)

I'm gonna be doing a few posts for the animals on our ranch.

Starting with the cattle.
We have about 200-300 head. I like cows, but it's the calves that I really think are fun. They're so cute  when they're first born! I LOVE chasing cattle on horses. Especially on a good trained horse. Once he knows were you want the cow, you just sit back and hang on. He'll do the work.

Almost nothing is better than living on a ranch, smelling the manure and hearing a mama cow beller to her calf.

We do not have hired hands, but sometimes young men will stay a night or two and dad will show them some stuff. Or my cousin or uncle will come and help fence a pasture.

Most of our cattle are out in the pasture, but some are always in the corrals around the house.

Aren't the calves cute?!!!!!

The milk cows and one of their calves. His name is Lawrence.   :) 

Okay. But seriously. He's so CUTE!!!!

When he was first born, he was as big as the two month old calf that the other milk…